Have you read IEP founder and executive chairman Steve Killelea’s new book, ‘Peace in The Age of Chaos: The Best Solution for a Sustainable Future’, which outlines his personal journey to measure, study and understand peace? Below are some of the reviews the book has already received. For more about the book and to get your own copy, go to: https://buy.peaceintheageofchaos.org/discount/AMBASSADOR20

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“Steve Killelea is my hero because he has made it his business to focus international attention on what peace actually means. He gets across to policy-makers and the press like no-one else. One of the key insights in this invaluable book is the combination of systems thinking with Positive Peace (which he has measured) to provide a factual, practical framework for action.”
Scilla Elsworthy – Author, peacebuilder and founder of Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct

This book is a treasure chest for anybody who tries to find answers to some of the most important questions in our life. The book is engaging and thought-provoking. Trying to understand the meaning of peace and finding pathways forward is today more important than ever. I wish that all those who exercise power were to read this book and reflect on it. The world would be a better place and we would be able to solve problems rather than create them.”
Georg Kell – Founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact​ 

“The book and the ideas in it are both inspirational and foundational. (Steve Killelea) demonstrates an infectious passion for humanity and the world we live in, a developed understanding of how individuals and societies function and a clear direction of travel to a better and more sustainable future. Steve Killelea has contributed more to understanding and addressing conflict than many Nobel Peace Laureates. This powerful, accessible and insightful book shows how.”
Lord Alderdice – Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly 1998–2004, leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland 1987–1998, and since 1996 has sat in the House of Lords as a Liberal Democrat.

Peace in the Age of Chaos is essential reading for those truly interested in how humanity can survive and escape the violence and uncertainty of our troubled world in the Anthropocene era – the age of humankind. Steve Killelea firmly believes that “Peace is the single most important factor in enabling people to reach their potential” – a conclusion derived from his analysis of Peace through the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) that he founded in 2007.

This book should be mandatory reading for all politicians, judicial leaders, senior government and health officials, and police and military officers who have prime responsibility to protect their fellow citizens from conflicts, pandemics, injustice, and natural and man-made disasters. The book should be actively embraced and promoted by all religious, business and community leaders, and it should be read by school children and those undergoing tertiary education so that they can better inform their elders. Why? Because in 12 chapters Steve Killelea charts the current state of world peace – and lack of it – and through the IEP’s factual and unbiased measurement and economic analysis using ‘systems thinking’ provides a sensible and achievable roadmap for achieving Positive Peace in a chaotic and dangerous world.”
Major General Michael Smith – Founding Director, Australian Civil-Military Centre. Deputy Force Commander United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor

“The work of the Institute for Economics and Peace and its flagship publications, most notably the Global Peace Index, the Positive Peace Reports, and the Global Terrorism Index, is now acknowledged worldwide amongst academics, practitioners and policy-makers as the gold standard for measuring and analysing peace. This book tells the remarkable and inspirational story of the man whose vision and genius for innovation created this shift in peace thinking and practice. Standing in the great tradition of entrepreneurs who have committed their energy and resources to world peace, Killelea has reactivated the idea of Positive Peace and provided a robust and context sensitive methodology through which it can be defined, cultivated and implemented.”
Emeritus Professor Tom Woodhouse, Peace Studies and International Development University of Bradford

“I downloaded ‘Peace in the Age of Chaos’ to my e-reader and didn’t get any sleep until I sadly came to the end. I will promote this book as far as possible in our district and beyond. I have given many classes and led protestations in 2001 to stop the absurdity of war. I was also a ‘peacenik’ in the 60s and completely understand others challenge to very word ‘peace’. I am inspired by the moving of focus to promoting peace, and the renewed energy into the concept, rather than just preventing war. ‘We need to embrace a new philosophical landscape, one that gives humanity meaning,’ Steve writes in the book. I, now, more than before, believe I grasp a much deeper meaning and value of Positive Peace. I truly thank Steve for writing this book.”
Jim Halderman, PDG, Rotary Peace Activator


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